Sh*t’s about to get real…


It was on getting in the car after a baby singing class, one afternoon in June, that I started to feel a bit nauseous & gaggy. Harrison was about 7 months, just started crawling, still not sleeping through the night… perhaps I was just tired… or maybe…

D6866BB7-4B6B-4DB6-9C31-3309B247EC53Fast forward a month or so, on finding out I was unexpectedly expecting again; we embarked on an emotional rollercoaster that took us to a difficult set of cross roads. How on earth would we cope with ANOTHER baby? How could we financially afford to have another so soon after our first? How would my body, not having recovered fully from the first time round, withstand carrying another big baby? How would it all work with me not having gone back to work yet? How indeed.

We were to spend the next 6 months muddling through…but we did it and are living it now. I wanted to start a blog to record our journey (I hate that word) and provide a bit of comfort (and maybe a few laughs) to anyone who is experiencing or about to go through the same as us!

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