Let’s talk baby changing stations…

One of the things that worried me the most about having two children under two was the amount of nappies I would inevitably be changing. It turns out it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I make sure there are mini changing stations in each area of the house that we spend most of our time in, for example, in the lounge we have a mat, a wodge of two different sets of nappies and nappy cream. In our utility/cloakroom we have a basket of muslins, more nappies, extra wipes and nappy sacks and a similar set up in each of the bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs.

There is one niggle that does annoy me when I’m out and about with the babies and that is finding suitable changing facilities. Whilst I’m prepared at home, being prepared when you are out is a bit harder. I do keep extra nappies in the car just for emergencies and the changing bag is well stocked with more of the same, but finding an appropriate space/area/unit besides the buggy can be challenging!

While I’ve been out and about, I’ve been snapping some of the ‘facilities’ we have tried to use (yes, I did feel like a weirdo taking pics!) So often I’ve been into a baby changing cubicle and wanted to walk straight back out again due to the overly full and downright stinky bin, a dirty or ripped mat/changing surface, that I wouldn’t put my cat on, let alone my baby, not enough space to fit my not especially long 18 month old or no toilet for me to actually use whilst I keep my babies beside me. It often gives me the sweats trying to logistically organise a nappy (or multiple) nappy changes or a wee stop for me. At the moment it tends to influence where I will go with my two – I wanted to recognise and praise the places that are getting it right for us mums and dads (or maybe even grandparents!) because we’ve all got shit to do, places to go and somewhere to be and it’s right that we should have high expectations of the places where we have to lie our babies down to change them!

Soft play changing station with a cot to put the baby while you pee 👍🏻Baby changing facility by the chimps at Colchester Zoo 👍🏻I could easily fit the double buggy in!

Check out my Instagram page @mamamuddlesthrough where I have started a hashtag #babychangingstories I have literally wet myself laughing when I’ve been talking to friends about their experiences, here are a couple of their hilarious accounts…

We went to costa in Chelmsford which has one disabled/baby change toilet. R needed a dump and so in we went, potty in hand. Decided I would put the potty on the pull-down changing station instead of the floor, because R still likes to stroke everything in proximity and the floor is gross. Anyway, propped her up on there and off she went. 10 minutes in and she’s still not finished and I’m starting to feel under pressure because I can hear voices outside. Then there’s a knock at the door, a Costa employee, apparently she thought we were the homeless man who often locks himself in. I told her nope, it was just R having a big poo. Another 5 mins goes by and I decide that enough is enough, whether she’s finished or not, there are people outside huffing and puffing. So I lift her up and the potty gets stuck to her butt, which I don’t notice, and then it drops off of her bum. It bounces off on the changing station, then onto the floor. Typically, R had chosen that day to do a sloppy poo AND a wee (usually she only does hard nuggets) and, I kid you not, it was EVERYWHERE. So then I had to juggle wiping R’s bum, managing R crying because of the trauma of losing her poo, and cleaning up the poonami. Finally got sorted and went out of the toilet to a queue of 3 severely disabled people waiting for the loo 😔

My worst wasn’t the fault of the changing situation but…

L’s first poo outside of the house when I was on my own. Went into the upstairs baby change area in Sainsbury’s. It was huge, as I took his nappy off he weed and it ran all down his bum turning the underneath of him into a river of shit! At this point he still hated having his nappy changed so was screaming. A woman starts to impatiently knock on the door as I was obviously taking too long. I had to strip him completely naked wipe him, my change mat, the plastic change area and everything around us down. All the time the tap next to me was stuck on full flow making me feel like I was on some kind of challenge!!

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